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If you or someone you know is going through a rough spot in life, whether it be coping with anxiety, depression, a break up, PTSD, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, coping with loss, stress, or feel like you just simply can’t, whatever it may be; I want to tell you that it’s COMPLETELY okay and acceptable!! You are NOT your illness or disorder, whatever you’re going through, it doesn’t define you.

I’ve gone through some pretty rough situations, but guess what… I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS…and neither are you.

Who in this universe has a pretty and picture perfect life? (Social media doesn’t always portray the truth; we really don’t know what’s going on behind that person’s smile). I am guilty of posting pictures of when I’m happy and look like I have no worries or care in the world, when in reality I have plenty of insecurities, fears, worries, and so much more. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s good to show your good days to the world, but it’s also okay to show your bad days too; not just on social media, but in public, too. It’s okay to have bad days, talk them out with a close friend, or during a counseling session!

I want to tell you that YOU CAN talk about your feelings, and the hard times that you’re going through. There are people who want to be here for you and listen. Empathy is key.

Another thing, saying things such as; I am/He is/ She is: “crazy”, “psycho”, “mental”, “nuts”, “wacko”, “deranged”, or any other stigmatizing words, places judgment and stigma on mental health and those who may have a mental illness. #EliminateStigmatizingLanguage

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